THE MAN CALLED LOGAN emerged from a Canadian forest more than a century ago. A mutant with bone claws and the strength to regenerate from nearly any wound. Ageless, and undefeated, he chose to use his abilities for good.

Years passed, his ferocity became legend, and his enemies – unable to destroy him – attempted to harness his power instead. Captured by a dark organization and forced into a program called Weapon X, he was experimented on, and his memory was erased. And though he would eventually escape, Logan was forever changed – his bones now fused with an unbreakable metal called adamantium.

Recovering from the incident, he discovered a group of mutants hated and feared much like him. He forged a new family, a team to lead and love; he became one of the X-Men. But as the years wore on, the business of heroism took a mighty toll. He departed his chosen family, and returned to the ice and cold where his story began.

Some call him Logan, but his three claws still serve as his signature. He’s known as Wolverine.