Writer – Benjamin Percy

Director – Brendan Baker

Associate Director – Chloe Prasinos

Producer – Jenny Radelet Mast

Producer – Daniel Fink

Producer – Chloe Wilson

Associate Producer – Stephanie Kariuki

Production Manager – Whitney Rowlett

Casting Director – Susanne Scheel

Recording Engineer – Colin Alexander

Additional Engineering – Andi Kristins, Jared O’Connell, Dave Seidel

Studio Manager – Ashley Warren

Production Assistant – Brittani Brown

Script Coordinator – Larissa Rosen

Original Composition – Deru

Additional Music – Max Spransy

Maureen’s Song, ‘Lost,’ written and performed by Nona Marie Invie, sung by Rachael Holmes

Sound Design, Editing & Mixing – Brendan Baker and Chloe Prasinos

Assistant Audio Editing and Sound Design – Paulus van Horne

Post Production Services provided by Phenomephon

Production Legal – Eric Spiegelman, Mikaela Gross

Executive Producers

Dan Buckley

Joe Quesada

Dan Silver

Chris Bannon

Executive Editor – Peter Clowney

Consulting Producers

Sarah Amos

Harry Go

John Cerilli

Angelique Roche

Special Thanks

Dave Althoff, John DeLore

A production of Marvel, Phenomephon and Stitcher. For more information visit